Sunday, June 24, 2007

iPhone web applications!

The iPhone isn't released yet, so it is hard to say if these applications will work or not yet, but here it is: one of the first iPhone web application released, "One Trip". This is a great example of the kind of app developers can create for the iPhone solely using the web. The application is expected to work because it is working great in Safari now. The whole app was designed to be used with the multi-touch interface. The keyboard usage is minimal. It will basically let you create a shopping list in a few seconds. You can quickly select the items from the list. The application will also let you add rare items that might not be on the main list. While you shop, you will be able to just check the items off the list. Their current website will let you try the app in a "simulated" iPhone. You can also click "Launch OneTrip in this browser" to see how it runs. The OneTrip website!


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